Massage for pregnant women, active seniors, those seeking to relax

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Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage includes flowing strokes, kneading, direct pressure and gentle stretching to loosen and relax tight muscles, reduce pain, increase circulation, relieve physical and mental stress and calm the nervous system.  It promotes relaxation, stress reduction, relief from muscle aches and pains, greater energy, sounder sleep at night, and a general sense of overall well-being. Oil/lotion is used.  

60 minutes $75  90 minutes $105  

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to treat specific physical complaints by relieving chronic muscle tension/pain, reducing muscle adhesions and scar tissue and rehabilitating injured muscles. It works the body at both a superficial and deep level and is an area specific treatment. It is NOT simply a deep pressure full body massage.  Oil/lotion may be used.  

60 minutes $75  90 minutes $105  

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Prenatal Massage

Maternity massage reduces the physical discomforts of pregnancy, increases relaxation, promotes an easier labor and helps to restore the body to its pre-pregnant condition. It brings tender touch to the expectant mom's ever-changing and often fatigued body when she needs physical support and emotional nurturance the most. Supportive cushions are provided after 22 weeks to position the mom-to-be comfortably on her side.  Oil/lotion is used. 

60 minutes $75  90 minutes $105  

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Health Maintenance Packages

Get a discount on each massage!  This is an economical way to support your healthy self care or to gift your friends or loved ones with a series of massages. 

5 - 60 minute massages $350

10 - 60 minute massages $700

5 - 90 minute massages $500

10 - 90 minute massages $1,000  

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Total Pregnancy Massage Package

This package includes eleven massages at a reduced rate that provide gentle and nurturing massage support throughout a woman's whole pregnancy.  It makes a wonderful baby shower gift that the recipient can look forward to enjoying each month!  It includes:

* One monthly massage in months 4-7

* Two massages a month during month 8

* Weekly massages during month 9

* One postpartum massage

60 minute massage session package $770

90 minute massage session package $1,100

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