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Active Seniors


Active senior massage

Baby Boomers, more than any generation who’ve come before, are looking for ways to stay healthy and active as they age. We know most diseases are associated with stress, which is also a huge factor contributing to premature aging. Reducing stress, eating right, getting appropriate exercise and setting aside time for important self-care can assist seniors in staying healthy and vital. Fortunately, massage therapy is a pleasant and effective way to both enhance self-care and reduce stress, allowing one to age comfortably and gracefully!

If you are an active senior interested in finding ways to support and maintain your health, immunity, mobility, independence and zest for life, while reducing your stress and the aches and pains of an aging body, then consider some of the benefits of massage therapy:

· Increases range of motion and reduces low-back pain

· Releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, and may reduce the need for medications

· Decreases fatigue and insomnia and enhances the quality of sleep

· Increases circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be pumped to vital organs and tissues

· Reduces stress and anxiety and increases relaxation

· Softens and relaxes tight muscles and stiff joints

· Decreases recovery time from injury/surgery

· Improves concentration

· Eases the pain of arthritis

· Provides a sense of well-being

Massage offers all these benefits and feels great too! As your comfort is important to me, my office is equipped with a soft, well cushioned hydraulic massage table that facilitates getting on and off easily. I also individualize each massage session according to how you are feeling that day, your needs and your desired outcome. Call for an appointment and see how therapeutic massage can benefit you!

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