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MOTHERCARE: PRENATAL Massage for the Childbearing Year

Pregnancy can be a time of great wonder and joy. It is also a time of dramatic physical and emotional change as a woman’s body transforms to provide a safe and protective home for her unborn child and readies her to give birth. As this transformation takes place, some common discomforts of pregnancy can arise: stiffness and pain from improper posture and the additional anterior weight of pregnancy, water retention in the feet, ankles and hands, muscle cramping, stress on the weight-bearing joints of the low back, hips and ankles, fatigue, insomnia, and in addition, there can be emotional concerns about the pregnancy, and readiness for parenthood and life with a new family member

As a woman navigates the life-changing terrain of pregnancy, massage brings her the following benefits

· Increases relaxation; decreases stress

· Alleviates neck, shoulder, back and hip pain

· Reduces water retention and swelling of the hands, feet and ankles

· Provides emotional support and physical nurturing that enables the mom to stay more relaxed and comfortable throughout her pregnancy and labor 

· Decreases stress on weight-bearing joints

· Assists the mom in experiencing her changing body in a positive and accepting way

· Provides tranquil alone time to relax and connect with herself and her baby

· Prevents and reduces muscle cramping

· Decreases insomnia



 Your massage will take place on a soft and thickly padded electric massage table, which can lower to a convenient height for you to get on. After 22 weeks, specially designed pregnancy cushions and bolsters will be used to comfortably position you on your side. 

I have training and certification in Kate Jordan’s Bodywork for the Childbearing Year prenatal massage and have delighted in assisting women through their pregnancies for the past 19 years. 

Please let me know of any injuries or problem areas before your massage so that they can be taken into consideration and addressed. If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or have complications, you will need a release from your doctor/midwife prior to receiving a massage. Please let me know when you schedule your massage so I can get the release forms to you.

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